Usher Ministry


The Usher Ministry provide order and direction to those coming for worship and helping to seat them.  Ushers’ also collect the offering, hand out bulletins, programs, inserts, and fliers to everyone participating in our worship services or church activities. They also serve as “doorkeeper” at special afternoon programs, musicals, revivals, and all funerals. Our Ushers are trained to maintain order and assist in any kind of emergency situations that may arise. By becoming an Usher gives you the opportunity to meet and connect with members of our congregation as well as those who are visiting. 

The Usher Ministry knows that through our God-given gifts we are helping others get the most out of their worship experience. Tower of Power young adults may also join this ministry. This ministry is considered "the face" of our ministry because they are the front-line of communication to our visitors. Their purpose is multi-faceted and includes the need to view ushering as an opportunity to win souls for Christ; to provide comfort and support to worshippers; to secure seating and to ensure that order is maintained within the sanctuary. Our ushers stand guard for our protection, therefore, we treat them with kindness!