Hospitality Ministry

The Hospitality Ministry is dedicated to setting the initial positive tone by greeting everyone that enters our church with friendly smiles and a spirit to serve. When we connect our hospitality with our story of being welcomed and embraced through the grace and love of Christ, it becomes more than just a technique.  Hospitality embraces people with God’s heart of love, creating a warm and welcoming space where people feel at home, where strangers become friends and family. This team ensures  that our new members and visitors are provided with information about our church.  It is very important that the Hospitality team of supporters capture pertinent information about our new members as well as provide them with guidance on the next steps as a member. In addition, the team participates in special events and activities that are held at the church throughout the year.


Nurse-Medical Ministry

Church nursing is a calling and a mission. Tower of Power has a registered nurse on duty each Sunday to provide first-aid to anyone who needs medical attention during our church services.  A church nurse uses their God-given gift to glorify God.  At times, the Nursing Ministry may be asked to provide comfort and support to others during funerals and special events held at our church.