About Us

Tower of Power Gospel Ministries exist to exalt God through loving worship, to edify the souls of Christians through biblical teaching, to evangelize non-Christians through faithful witness, and to exhibit godliness through a positive presence in our community. This ministry assists in the development of the WHOLE person through teaching the Word of God and it operates under the anointing of God in an atmosphere of love.  We welcome resident, non-resident members, and partners who will become prayerful, obedient warriors; praying for the sick and shut-in, incarcerated and other ministries. 


For short, we normally just say Tower of Power or TOP Ministries when referring to our church.  Our church name means a fortress of strength and was founded on the scripture “with men it is impossible, but not with God; for with God all things are possible” (Mark, 10:27).  We know there is nothing that we cannot achieve, if we are guided by the Word of God, keeping His commandments, and doing what is right (Pastor Watson).

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