If You Have Children



Tower of Power Nursery 

Our nursery is geared to introduce your child to the love of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, as we focus on making their first memories of the church good ones.  We do this by providing a safe and fun environment for your children. We also hope to water the seeds of discipleship that have begun at home. We pray that a solid relationship to the church is instilled because this generation has a deep-rooted dependence on Jesus Christ. Because we value your children, we have a check-in and check-out process.  Your child’s safety is our top priority.  For children ages 0-5, our nursery is available with a caring and highly responsible staff member who is trained to handle your children. 

The goal of our nursery is to show the love of Jesus to each child placed in our care and to instill in each parent a trust in us to care for your child. We ask that you arrive at least 15-minutes early, so that your children are properly settled, allowing you time to speak with nursery staff on important information about your child. By arriving early, gives you the opportunity to experience all that our services have to offer.

Our Health Policy

Because your children are very important to us, we have a health policy to keep illness from spreading. If your child has the following symptoms, we ask for you NOT to leave them in the nursery:

  • Runny Nose (no exeptions)
  • Consistent cough
  • Spots or rashes (possibly contagious)
  • Fever within the past 24 hrs.
  • Pink eye or eye discharge
  • Vomiting within 24 hrs.
  • Diarrhea within 24 hrs.             



Thank you for being sensitive to this policy, so that we can provide a healthier environment for our children.