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TOP University (TPU) is a resource made available to those seeking clarity about the Bible, eagerness for the Word, spiritual inspiration, ways to grow your faith,  and getting closer to God.  If you have a question about the Bible, you can click on "Ask the Pastor" from the drop down menu.  The university also provides a list of biblical terms and definitions to certain words used on our website for explaining who we are as a church. Throughout our church website, various scriptures from the Bible is used to show that our actions and beliefs are confirmed by the words of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. 

In addition, the university has an inventory of suggested reading materials and books that you can purchase at your heart’s desire.  Although, we do not require our members to make a purchase, it is our goal to encourage everyone to purchase books for developing healthy reading habits.  To ensure we all have convenient access to read the Bible on a regular basis, we have included information to Bible Apps for you to download. As you peruse through our university, we pray that our library of resources has expanded your walk with Christ.

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