Awards and Recognitions

Dorothy Pree 

The Dorothy Pree Educational Award was founded on April 11, 2014, as a tribute to the surnamed honoree, Mrs. Dorothy Mae Pree for her professionalism, dedication, and service as an educator in the Texarkana Independent School District. Mrs. Pree retired from the school district after working 32-years as an educator. She has blessed many students, parents, and colleagues with her broad range of knowledge, skills, talents, and experiences in the field of education.  After retirement from the school district, she served as a mentor at the Union Elementary School and at the Faith, Love, and Hope organization.  We salute Mrs. Pree for her faithfulness as an educator because she has sown great seeds in the lives of many over the years.  She is a "strong tower of power" in our church and community because she represents greatness, godliness, and support to those in need. 

Educational Award

Bessie People 

The Bessie People Award was founded on November  27, 2013, as a tribute to the surnamed honoree, Ms. Bessie People for her hard work and dedication to the community and church.  Ms. People was born in Bradley, Arkansas on November 27, 1938.  She has six children, several grandchildren and great grandchildren. She enjoyed cooking, cleaning, and riding around town.  If she was not riding, you would often see her driving down the street in her Cadillac. The name Cadillac is what she called her motorized scooter.  She always had a smile on face and a can-do attitude.  The word service is defined as a “helpful” act; a work that is performed which is of an aid or of benefit to someone else.  Ms. People represents the definition of what service to all mankind means.  She volunteered her time by helping in every area of the church that she could. For example, she was dedicated to the annual church clean-up and cooking meals for other people. When it came to giving, she had an open heart. She enjoyed buying greeting cards and giving monetary gifts.  Ms. People could always be counted on for being at church, every time the doors were opened.  She believed in putting God first, then her family, her church, and her community.  Ms. People always wanted everyone to know that she loved her church and family.  She was a strong woman with a powerful personality and a "strong tower of power" in our church. Although both of her legs were amputated, she never let serving God and doing for others, hold her back, or anyone tell her what she could not do, but could do with God’s help.

Volunteer Award

Pree & Watson 

The Pree and Watson Award was founded on March 1, 2014.  As a tribute to the surnamed honoree’s Mr. Willis Pree and Mr. J.D. Watson for their faithfulness and loyalty to the church. Mr. Pree was a Deacon in which everyone called him “Mutt Pree or Uncle Mutt.”  These two faithful servants of God met the definition of what “faithfulness” and “loyalty” means in the Bible.  Whenever the doors of the church were open, both of them were present.  They could always be counted on to assist in meeting the needs of the church and advising the pastor with wise counsel. When it came to love and leadership, words cannot not explain. Because both men had a great passion and gift of gardening, they always trying to find ways to beautify the church grounds.  Mr.  Pree and Mr. Watson were great members and "strong towers of power" in our church.  They would always express to others, how happy they were that they found a true place to worship.

Loyalty Award

James W. Staggers 

We pay tribute to our dedicated teacher and Bible scholar, Mr. James W. Staggers. On October 20, 2013, the Mayor of Texarkana, Arkansas, proclaimed this day as James W. Staggers Day to promote and encourage the example Mr. Staggers has exemplified within our community. Mr. James W. Staggers was born November 21, 1935 in Ozan, Arkansas to Rush and Beolia Staggers.  He has been married to Mary Staggers for more than 28-years. He has three children, several grand-children, and a great-grand child. He worked at the Domtar Mill in Ashdown, Arkansas for many years. Mr. Staggers is dedicated to mentoring youth and teaching Bible study on Wednesday nights at our church.  He also teach Sunday school for the adult class and is an active member of our Brotherhood Ministry. He is always willing to assist wherever he can within the church.  He enjoys gardening and fishing. He is a proud African-American man who is glad to say that he has never been arrested.  One of his desires is to always be  a positive example to other young men by letting them know that they can make it and be successful.  Mr. Staggers is a "strong tower of power" in this ministry and it is our desire and privilege to honor and remember him every year for his loyalty and faithfulness to our church and the community. 

Staggers Day